The World’s Most Beautiful Destinations

The World’s Most Beautiful Destinations

The world is full of unique and gorgeous destinations to visit and enjoy. These places are so enchanting and magical that when I visited, I sometimes felt like I was in a fairy-tale fantasy. I have been to many beautiful destinations, and it’s tough to believe that some of them even exist. For people with a wanderlust spirit, the following is a compilation of a few destinations I have managed to visit that you should add to your bucket list.

The Tunnel of Love

I took a trip to Kleven, Ukraine, where the love tunnel is found. The tunnel is 2.5 miles long. It’s covered with luscious green leaves, making it look like one of those fantasies or dream places I usually imagine. I learned that the tunnel is a passage for a private train used to deliver wood to a local factory. The tunnel is decades old and the train’s frequent passage has shaped the tree’s lines over the years. I would recommend lovers, especially those recently married, to take their vacation to the tunnel of love. The locals I interacted with have a belief that the tunnel grants wishes to lovers who are loyal to their feelings.

The Enchanted River

The Hinatuan River, nicknamed the Enchanted River, is the Philippine’s cleanest river. This river that flows directly to the Pacific Ocean is said to be approximately 70 meters deep. The water in the Enchanted River is unbelievably clear that most people claim some pictures I took of the river and the surroundings were photo-shopped. During my visit, tourists are requested to leave for at least an hour by the management. From afar, we watched the caretakers feeding the fish. They played Hinatuan songs and schools of fish of different species and other water creatures came out for a feed. Locals believe that elves and fairies dwell in the area, thus the name enchanted river. I would highly recommend this destination for fairy tale enthusiasts.

The Vadhoo Glowing Shores

These beaches in the Maldives look like a sea of stars at night. They have a picturesque whitish-blue sparkle along the shores. The visit, especially at night, was breath-taking from the magical phenomenon mother earth displays in this part of the earth. I discovered that the magical sparkle comes from bioluminescent planktons found in the water near the shores.

The Door to Hell

The Door to Hell is located in Derweze Village in Turkmenistan, somewhere in the middle of the Karakum desert. During my visit there, I learned that the crater resulted from a geologist’s miscalculation in 1971. They accidentally drilled a carven full of natural gases that made the ground collapse, creating a 70-meter hole in diameter. Safety precautions were taken and they burnt the gas to prevent more poisonous gas discharging, but the fuel they had planned to burn in less than a day is still burning to date.

The Fly Geyser

The Fly Geyser is a geothermal geyser found in Washoe County, Nevada, in the USA. The geyser is privately owned and managed by Todd Jaksick, who owns Fly Ranch. We, therefore, needed to seek permission before making a trip to see it. I visited the ranch and learned that the fly geyser was accidentally formed, just like the door to hell. In 1964 a firm was looking for a geothermal source of energy when it was created. I was able to film water jets that were around five feet high being expelled from the Fly Geyser. It has very brilliant colours that I learned were due to thermophilic bacteria and some concentrated minerals present. I definitely found myself looking up Colorado ranches for sale, and ranches all over the country, after my trip to Fly Ranch – it would be so incredible to own such a large expanse of land, but so much work (which, ultimately, is what stopped me before I got too carried away with the idea).

The Roraima Mountain

Mount Roraima is the highest among the Pakaraima chain of plateaus in the whole of South America. I was told it’s the oldest geological formation in the world. I also discovered that it marks the border of Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela. Flora and fauna on the mountaintop are native to the area, and it rains regularly. During my visit to the mountain, I learned that the locals regard the mountain as sacred. This might be from the constant presence of clouds slightly below the tabletop of the mountain.

Travelling has always been therapeutic for me. I always marvel at the variety of beauty that nature has to offer, as well as some breathtaking architectural and engineering projects. If you are a nature lover, the above destinations will definitely make your trip worth the effort.

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