All About Rider

What’s up guys! Yep, that’s me, Rider Calahasee. I’m a Canadian rased, 25-year-old man, who loves to board and travel.

Being raised in a wooden lodge/cabin in Canada was a big part of me being able to board, as I grew up very close to Whistler. Spending most of my childhood and teenagehood shredding powder, aspiring to the likes of Travis Rice, Eric Jackson, Gigi Rüf, Scotty James and the legend that is Jeremy Jones, I truly fell in love with the lifestyle.

After seeing them travel the World boarding, I wanted to follow in their footsteps. But I took a slightly different approach; I travelled everywhere I could. I didn’t always take my board (a T-Rice Pro if you know) as I’ve travelled to places like Vietnam and South Africa, but when I could, my board would be with me. The picture above is me in Les Deux Alpes in France. The party life there is insane, and the boarding isn’t too bad either; doesn’t compare to the powder at Whistler though!

One day I hope to build my own lodge, similar to my parent’s, as close to Whistler as possible. Hopefully, my family can grow up boarding as I have!

I created this blog, not only to share my travel tips and tricks but for travellers and boarders alike to take a pitstop from all the madness. Take a stop in my lodge, share your travels, and enjoy the ride!