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Picking the Most Suitable Accommodation When Traveling

Picking the Most Suitable Accommodation When Traveling

When choosing a place for accommodation during my travels, I realized it is one factor that can break or make my experience. Most of the experiences I have are usually tied to the accommodation model I use and the time I spend resting, be it in a family vacation house, a hotel, or an Airbnb. If I feel that the accommodation was not worth it- may be too expensive or not comfortable- it ruins most memories for that trip.

Therefore picking a suitable accommodation for a vacation is one of the factors I consider very keenly. I ensure that my accommodation is neither too expensive nor too cheap, too remote, in a noisy, crowded town or one that has poor infrastructure and amenities.

Different kinds of trips require different accommodation models. I have compiled a list of different accommodation types found everywhere to guide you as you pick the most suitable one for your vacation.

Hotel Accommodation

Across the world, hotels almost have the same level of amenities and quality. These amenities vary from one hotel to another and are usually determined by the hotel’s star rating. Virtually all of them have room service, laundry services, WI-FI connectivity, daily housekeeping, climate control, and cable TV. People who don’t mind slightly higher charges in hotels will enjoy amenities such as airport pick-ups, 24-hour front desk services, fitness centres, and heated pools. When I’m looking to relax and spend time indoors during my vacations, ultimately, I always prefer to stay in a hotel.


When I was much younger with financial restrictions, and even currently when I’m on a tight budget, hostels are always my number one choice. We share bunk beds, restrooms, and common areas like the TV room and the kitchens in hostels with other guests. The most significant advantage I have found in this is that I share the hostels with other international travellers. We share costs, ideas, and spend quality time with each other. Most of them I am still in touch with. However, I sometimes get some bad experiences like losing a few items. I also go through some culture shock because, in the hostels, I get to share amenities closely with people from different parts of the world. If you are an introvert, a hostel might not be a good idea for you.

A Private Rental

Private rentals are apartments, condos, and flats that are leased for short periods. They are fully furnished, and they come with kitchen supplies, bedding, towels, furniture appliances, and electronics. Most Airbnbs and furnished rooms that you can see at tend to fall into this category. The available option is to rent the whole apartment or a room in the apartment which one can share with other people. I don’t mind either, but this mostly depends on my budget. Private apartments are great if you’re hoping to cook for yourself a couple of nights or simply prefer a bit more privacy. These apartments warrnambool based are an option if you are looking for accommodation that gives a feeling of homeliness and privacy. It’s also very cheap, especially when my vacation is longer compared to hostels and hotels. However, I find it a bit expensive for short visits. Also, I have to clean up after myself while I’m on vacation, which makes me avoid this option sometimes.

A Homestay

This type of accommodation involves living with a host family in their home. I have been in a single homestay, and I have to admit that the experience was great. During the homestay, I was treated well and exposed myself to the local culture, sumptuous cuisine, traditions, and language. I would recommend this type of accommodation for anyone looking to have a sense of homeliness and family while far from their own.

However, the cons I found about this accommodation were guests having to follow the house rules like keeping the rooms tidy and doing chores. I had to respect all their beliefs and cultures. My host family’s culture did not allow smoking, drinking, having an overnight guest in their family, or even staying out late in the night, some of which were a bit hard for me to adjust to.

A Campsite

A few basic options are often provided in campsites that accommodate tourists in tents, huts, and cabins. They include shared showers and restrooms, among other facilities. If I decide to pick a campsite as my accommodation, I always carry my tent because some of those they provide are usually not in good condition and some camps don’t provide them at all. I find the campsite amazingly cheap compared to all other accommodation options. I always choose this kind when I’m in the mood for outdoor activities and shorter travels like weekend getaways. The only downsides to this are lousy weather and animals invading the camping areas, which is not very often because the camp management provides security.

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