Things to Tick off Your Bucket List on a Trip to Barcelona

Things to Tick off Your Bucket List on a Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital city of Spain. The city is known for its architecture, arts, and bucketloads of things to do. The city perfectly blends medieval artefacts with modern and digital spectacles.  From my experience, here are several places and things that are special to Barcelona that you should definitely tick off on your next trip.

Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is architect Antoni Gaudi’s work. You should never be In Barcelona and fail to visit this famous architectural masterpiece. The masterpiece took almost 140 years to complete. Everyone who visits the basilica marvels at the sculptures and stained glass. When you get inside the crypt you will be able to see where the architect Gaudi was buried and a lot that has been archived throughout the years.

The Barcelona City Beaches

The city has 4.5 kilometres of coastline where you can chill out in the sun for as long as you wish. The beach allows you to get in touch with nature. You will also enjoy playing volleyball on the beach, swimming and even surfing in the Mediterranean. You can also bask in the sun and get back with that perfect tan. There are also several beach bars where you can hide from the sun and relax in some breeze as you enjoy a glass of cold refreshing cocktail and snacks. At night the bars turn into very lively party venues with great music and good vibes.

The Picasso Museum

The Picasso museum was founded in 1963 has a collection of approximately 4,000 works of the late Pablo Picasso. In the museum, you will be able to study the formative works of Picasso. You can learn and examine how his artistry style evolved notably between 1890 and 1904. The museum has kept everything safely starting from the sketches he made as a student to the landscapes he created. Always be on the lookout for the temporary imaginative and mind-provoking exhibitions like the ‘Picasso’s kitchen’ as well as ‘Picasso discovers Paris’.

Barcelona’s Cathedral

This very special Gothic cathedral’s foundation was first laid in 1298. The cathedral took a very long time to build and some of its bits date back to the 11th century. Some of its elements were Nordic-inspired while others were built using the original stones used originally known as the Montserrat stones. Don’t forget to visit the cloister as well as the crypt and see the 13 contented geese and martyr Eulalia’s remains who was only 13 years old. The cathedral was dedicated to the 13-year old martyr. For you to gain access to the cathedral you are required to pay a small fee. With access to the roof, you will have a great view of the old city.

Sample the Traditional Catalan Cuisine

To have a taste of the city’s most famous dish called the ‘souped-up traditional Catalan cuisine’ you need to pop in at Dos Pebrots. The restaurant specializes in traditional Catalan cuisine. The restaurant is run by renowned chef Albert Raurich who creates modern Catalan dishes that are based on famous traditional Mediterranean recipes.

La Boqueria Market

Also known as the municipal market, this is a market that will wow you with the variety of fresh produce that it stocks. The displays of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables are very inviting. The market has some nice open kitchens. When you get to the market, you will be mesmerized by the smells from the open kitchens, the tastes of the foods, and hollers from the joyous market vendors. You can always check into one of the open bars and enjoy a meal made using the fresh produce being sold in the market.

Gaudí’s Park Güell

Soak up in the phenomenal views at the Gaudí’s Park Güell. The park used to have free entry until 2013 when a fee was introduced. The fee was introduced as a way of controlling crowds that flock to the park with an aim of preserving it. Enjoy the park for free as much as you want but you will be required to pay a small amount to access the monumental zone where that park’s famous and best views are located. Don’t forget to visit the immaculate serpentine bench and the woman’s figure hidden among the twisted columns. The park also has a perfect view of the city all the way to where it touches the sea.

Barcelona is, by all means, one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. Lovers of laid back settings and art will love it here. It’s variety- from beaches to artefacts and friendly people- is a thing of awe. When you are in the city for a short period, the above places and activities should come top of your list.


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