6 Epic Tourist Spots to Visit in Massachusetts

6 Epic Tourist Spots to Visit in Massachusetts

The USA is one of the famous countries in the world and has always been on the traveler’s bucket list. I bet that all the states of the USA have scenic attractions that we would want to visit once in a lifetime.

Massachusetts, one of the states of the USA, is a place that is worth the venture. It has a variety of awe-inspiring tourist spots.

There are so many tourist attractions in Massachusetts, but the following are quite exceptional.

Harvard Square and Museums

Harvard Square is a place full of cafes, eateries, music stores, theatres, bookstores, and museums.

The Harvard Art Museums now consist of three collections, such as the Fog Art Museum, Busch- Reisinger, and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum, where each has its specializations. Surely, an art-lover wouldn’t miss seeing the finest collection in history! But, of course, who would forget the oldest but well-known university in the world, the Harvard University. It is distinguished by its historic buildings and museum and has also become an attraction in Harvard Square.

Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail is full of historic sites. It is a collection of everything that tells about the history of America, such as churches, museums, parks, graveyards, and historical houses that will enable us to make the most out of your experience.

Freedom Trail consists of 16 historic sites, so it takes a day to see everything there. For travelers who love history, the Freedom Trail is something you shouldn’t miss.

Faneuil Hall

This attraction was built initially as a marketplace in Boston, but it has become a place for meetings, debates, and protests. It has four buildings, including Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, North, and the South Market that is filled with unique treasures, restaurants, and retail shops. While other travelers visit Faneuil Hall to learn its history, many travelers also go there for shopping and food opportunities.


Tanglewood is a must-visit for music lovers. It is where the Boston Symphony Orchestra first held an outdoor concert. It offers many forms and styles of music that you would enjoy while sitting on the lawn.

Before the concert begins, tour guides can show you around to see the beauty of the Tanglewood. Near enough to visit from the main gate is the Koussevitzky Shed with its perfect, beautiful, and green lawn that accommodates more than 20 000 heads during concerts. Walking along, you can find the Tanglewood Visitor Center, where its entrance offers a refreshing view. After that, you can stop at The Tanglewood Cafe to grab some food or at the Highwood Manor House for buffet offerings. Tanglewood also has another space for concerts, the Ozawa Concert Hall, and a few rehearsal buildings in Tanglewood Music Center.

Old Sturbridge Village

This attraction village is an outdoor history museum consisting of many historic buildings, craft shops, farms, mills, and stores in a 200-acre site and is a wonderful place to transport us back to New England’s old times.

Old Sturbridge demonstrates gardening, farming, cooking, pasturing, crafting, and more. It focuses on valuing the simpleness and hard work in life. That being said, Old Sturbridge offers almost everything that the generation nowadays deserves.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a place full of artistic attractions and adventure opportunities. It is the best spot for surfing, whale watching, paddle boarding, biking, golfing, shopping, and more.

Beaches with white sand are scattered around Cape Cod, and these are perfect for relaxation and other outdoor activities. Some of these beaches offer surfing, but all have a picturesque view you should witness with your loved ones. It is also a great place to unwind.

Though popular because of its stunning beaches, Cape Cod is also characterized by its historic museums, art studios, and galleries you should explore. The larger museums in Cape Cod are the Heritage Museum & Gardens and the Cape Cod Museum of Art.

Massachusetts has many attractions, but I like how it has become a place of historic sites and museums that offer arts and cultural diversity. Being able to visit these attractions will not only satisfy our eyes but will also allow us to explore its rich history.

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